Panel Discussion

CSR Panel 1: Sustainability & Recovery

On Friday afternoon, CSR will be brought to the main stage as a central theme under the motto “Innovation & Transformation – Ecological, Social & Economic Responsibility”. A panel on sustainability & recovery will start off with a discussion on opportunities in the crisis, in which ITB-CSR commissioner Rika Jean-Francois will discuss with Petra Thomas, GF of Forum Anders Reisen (confirmed) and Prof. Dr. Harald Pechlaner of the Catholic University of Eichstätt- Ingolstadt under the premise of a sustainable approach. Inge Hujibrechts, the Radisson Hotel Group, which is being joined from Amsterdam, and Mr. Dirk Inger from the German Travel Agency Association DRV. The community approach will be represented by Mr. Quentin Walesch, partner at Waald strategy & advisory. The panel will focus on the need to think innovatively about tourism and to make the new beginning intelligent by placing greater emphasis on environmental protection and sustainability. Which obstacles have to be overcome and which concepts should better be left by the wayside?