Berlin Travel Club: Nils Straatmann talks to Saskia & Corina – Travelettes of Bangladesh

What would you do if you wanted to travel but your parents, your friends, your society and your whole country were against it? And you are also a woman in a third world country? This is the story of Sakia from Bangladesh and Corina from Switzerland. They got to know each other through a Facebook group for women travelling alone. Sakia needed a woman to join her to travel her country safely. All of her friends and relatives did not want or were not allowed to accompany her. Corina was curious about Bangladesh, a country that she knew nothing about except for the “overpopulation and clothing factories”. She also wanted to get to know the life of peers in other cultures. This led to an exciting journey through Bangladesh and an intimate friendship. This encounter was the impetus for the founding of the “Travelettes of Bangladesh”, which produced a new generation of female travelers in Bangladesh.