Video: Mbuzi Dume – Strong Goat

“Mbuzi Dume”: This is Swahili and means as much as “fast goat”. It is the nickname given by African mountain guides Tom Belz on his ascent of Kilimanjaro. With the difference that the “fast goat” did not climb the mountain on four legs, but on three. More precisely: on one leg and two crutches. Because Tom lost his left leg at the age of 8 years. Since then, he has perfected crutch walking and is now firmly established in life even on just one leg. Nevertheless, until recently he would never have dreamed of traveling to Kilimanjaro and experiencing a sunrise at 5,895 meters above sea level. And certainly not to share this adventure with the person who saved his life 23 years ago: Dr. Klaus Siegler. For both of them, the challenge of Kilimanjaro is symbolic of the mountains in their lives, which must be conquered but cannot necessarily be measured in meters of altitude.