Bracenet is a personal & unique statement for the protection of our oceans. With this little accessory you will make a substantial contribution towards helping turn our oceans back into the paradise they once were.

Every year, 640.000 tons of fishing nets are lost or dumped at sea. They lose their purpose, but not their function – and keep on fishing as they drift through the oceans. Millions of marine animals get caught in these so-called “ghost nets” and suffer a cruel death. It’s time to end this! We recover the nets and handcraft them into Bracenets in Germany, upcycling a piece of real fishing net for every product. Spread the message for the protection of the oceans: SAVE THE SEAS, WEAR A NET.

Giving Back

Bracenet recovers ghost nets with their partners, upcycles them into new products by hand. 10 % of all proceeds are donated to Healthy Seas to support further net recovery efforts. Each product means one piece of ghost net less. Bracenet democratizes the protection of the seas.