Cabin Experience

Your Natural Escpae
Come into the wild and focus on what truly matters. Become a tiny house owner and make the most of your cabin experience!

Javier and Charles co-founded Cabin Experience in 2019. With their sustainable cabins they offer an immersion in nature through design. In October 2019 they won the Make It Lean Contest after receiving support from all over Europe. Their platform connects people who own the land (hosts) with potential cabin owners. As a cabin owner, you decide when you want to use the cabin yourself, or when you want to rent it out and get returns from other travelers. Whether as a host, cabin owner or traveler, you can be part of their community of nature lovers and own your cabin experience.

Giving Back

By joining Cabin Experience’s community, you also give something back to nature. For each new host and cabin owner, Cabin Experience will plant a tree in the forest, with the help of regional communities. This way they sow a seed towards restoring local ecosystems.