Satisfy your longing - Go on a journey of discovery!
Develop tourist services, promote regional providers and products, put together an unforgettable holiday experience. The Havelland tourism association has many tasks and there is one point they are all similar to: Bringing the Havelland and tourism forward in the region.

The travel region of the Havelland extends from the west of Berlin to the border of Saxony-Anhalt. On this way you can enjoy multiple, beautiful and natural cycling and hiking trails. Past rivers and lakes, fruit farms from regional producers invite you to pick them by yourself. If you are looking for freshness and regionality, you should take a trip to Havelland and listen to the sound of sensual nature. Smaller weekend trips with family and friends are particularly recommended. Because there is a lot to discover and above all for everyone.

Giving Back

The Havelland tourism association and the entire Havelland travel region are committed to sustainable and controlled tourism. The aim is to strengthen the regional structures equally as well as to support the interests and visions of all tourism service providers.