Next generation city guides
SpotAR is an Augmented Reality platform for tourism - bringing together history and AR. Creating a fun an new experience to explore the environment.

SpotAR is a Augmented Reality Plattform for Tourism. It is a "App-as-a-Service" model for municipalities, cities and regions and enables them to enrich the tourism experience by providing audio guides, stories or AR to tell the stories of the past. We are a Startup founded in Soest, Germany with a growing number of clients in the tourism sector. Working together with Vodafone Business and participating its Startup Accelerator UPLIFT - we're able to use modern Cloud Technology to scale our product.

Giving Back

We're helping to reduce the amount of flyers and maps used in tourist information offices - our app has all the information the tourist needs included.

Special Deal

You can come by and try it out and download the app! If you're a destination interested in our product we'll grant a special 15% off as a corona relaunch bonus.
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