TheWaysBeyond is a concept store offering cultural activities in Paris and the Parisian region.

A Chinese girl and a Belgian boy seeking to promote Paris and its region through secret and authentic cultural discoveries? Yes, they can! Growing up outside France and now living in its capital, Nikki and Frederic founded TheWaysBeyond to promote French culture from their points of view as in- and outsiders. They invite individuals and corporates to take the time to exchange with the talents who define and defend French Excellence. Whether you come for a 2h discovery or several days of Cultural Learning Expedition, TheWaysBeyond will take you backstage to get a closer look at French creation at its best.

Giving Back

TheWaysBeyond wants to meet the need for cultural exchange and encourage learning through human contact and shared experience. Motivated by the will to share, they invite all curious and independent minds to take the time to exchange with the talents of today who defend and define French Excellence.

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