electrifies Berlin and Brandenburg
WeShare is the fully electric car sharing from VW. With 1,500 e-Golfs, WeShare put the largest electric car sharing fleet on the road in Berlin.

WeShare is 100% electric car sharing and a service of UMI Urban Mobility International GmbH with headquarters in Berlin, a company of Volkswagen AG. WeShare started in Berlin with 1,500 electric vehicles in July 2019. Other cities are to follow. As a “vehicle on demand” service, WeShare meets the needs of people who do not want to dispense with individual mobility. It is intended as a meaningful additional offering for all occasions when a car is practical and convenient. In future, UMI will develop and provide IT-based and platform-based vehicle on demand (VOD) services.

Special Deal

We'll offer you a free 3-hours of free stopover if you take the e-Golf to one of our selected locations. And they're all worth the trip, we promise.
You don’t have to do a thing. This special offer works automatically, simply ride to the preferred location: https://offer.we-share.io/autumnoffer-en