Annika Gramlich

Co-Founder, SHE is a RIDER - Motorcycle Magazine For Women
Annika is co-founder of SHE is a RIDER, the motorcycle magazine for women. Since 2018, she and the team have been reporting on everything the motorbike heart desires. Of course also about travelling on two wheels.

In a male-dominated industry, reports by and about women in the motorcycle world often come off badly. With formats like RIDER of the WEEK, the magazine presents women and their passion for motorcycling. The stories motivate to take the step to get a motorcycle license and to get involved in new adventures.

At SHE is a RIDER, friends of motorcycling not only discover stories of world travellers and adventurers. The online magazine focuses on stories of women like you and me, who go on a voyage of discovery with their motorcycles. Whether near or far, from Berlin to New Zealand, for a weekend or several months: What really counts is the love for motorcycles and the curiosity to discover the world.

In Berlin, Annika loves to travel on her scooter. With a camera around her neck she rushes from event to event. Of course, the wheels can get bigger at times, but "the scooter stays", she says. Because it all started with 50ccm. "It was my gateway drug to motorcycling."