Anselm Pahnke

Bike Traveler, Anderswo. Allein in Afrika
Anselm Nathanael Pahnke (31 years old) was born in 1989 as the second of five children. He grew up in a wooden house in Hamburg built by his parents. In their wide garden and the adjacent forests, he was able to recognise his urge for discovery and adventure at an early age, curious to face the ever-increasing challenges in life. At age 15 he made his first bicycle trip to Freiburg with a school friend and began to capture the special moments in life with a video camera. 

After a voluntary social year in Canada, Anselm studied Oceanography and Geophysics at the University of Hamburg. One day after obtaining his bachelor's degree, he began a bicycle journey that took him three years and led him through 40 countries. Traveling on an impulse for a few weeks turned into several years and the world became his home.

After his return, Anselm produced a film made from his personal footage with a small team and no financial support, showing the power of Africa, the intense experiences, and the inner development of such a journey. With 80,000 audience attendees in 2019, “Anderswo. Allein in Afrika” (Elsewhere. Alone in Africa) became the most watched German-language documentary in theatres, even though making a movie was never his plan. Anselm has personally presented his travel documentary in 150 cinemas and has dedicated himself to answering the audiences profound questions.