Bernd Nawrath

Consultant (BNC)
As a graduate in political science and tourism management, Bernd Nawrath has more than 35 years of experience in the field of travel technology. Among others, he worked for the companies DCS-Merlin and Traffics as Managing Director, and for Sabre Travel Network in the European Leadership Team.

As a freelance consultant, his focus today is on process and gap analysis, strategy development and implementation, as well as topics related to digital transformation in the tourism industry. His current clients include Raiffeisen-Tours RT Reisen GmbH, Reiseland Holding GmbH, Pribas GmbH, FlyCar Gmbh, Iglootel GmbH.

Bernd Nawrath is co-founder of the New Travel League, an association of 9 independent experts who see themselves as initiators and creators of a new tourism ecosystem and develop and implement better, reflected and profitable solutions by bundling experience and know-how.