Claudia Freimuth

Encourager for Authentic Sales
As an "encourager for authentic sales", Claudia Freimuth is passionate about supporting her customers in getting "sales wings". Whether in an advisory form as a sales strategy, in on-the-job training or in individual coaching. The peculiarity of their approach lies in the holistic approach. Having grown up in an entrepreneurial family and in the tourism field, she takes a very pragmatic approach and always finds a solution together with her customers. Always. Her specialty is to get people moving by working with them to ensure sustainable implementation.

Claudia also teaches and leads practical projects at the University of Bremen and is the initiator of the DRV-Netzwerkstatt. An interactive event format in which hosts can illuminate “out of the box” a topic of their choice.

In January 2020 she has also initiated the new and open network format “Destination meets travel world” in order to intensify the cooperation and rethink it.

Claudia Freimuth is co-founder of the New Travel League, an association of nine independent experts who see themselves as initiators and designers of a new tourist ecosystem and who develop and implement better, reflective and profitable solutions through the bundling of experience and interdisciplinary know-how.