Hanna Kleber

Initiator VOICE4AFRICA & CEO of KPRN network GMBH
After 40 years in the business she can proudly say #IamTourism. In these difficult times for the tourism industry, she fights day and night to revive tourism, support long term partners and help people at the grassroots level worldwide to secure their businesses and livelihoods in these unprecedented times. She leaves no stone unturned to make travel possible again, where it is safe and responsible.

In May 2020 she launched the initiative "VOICE4AFRICA". Together with tour operators specializing in Africa, the Task Force draws attention to the serious consequences of the travel ban for Africa tourism, for the people and for the protection of species and nature in African countries. All partners of "VOICE4AFRICA" are characterized above all by their longstanding Africa expertise and passion for the black continent. Together they want to promote tourism to Africa, in times of crisis, but also afterwards. They want to give Africa a voice and give travellers the confidence that a vacation to and in Africa is safe and enriching.