Leonardo Di Chiara

Italian Architect & Engineer
Leonardo Di Chiara is a 30-year-old Italian architect and engineer. He focuses his research and professional practice in the field of mobile architecture, exploring possible developments within the existing urban structure and the nature environment. By invitation from architect Van Bo Le-Mentzel, he became joined the Tinyhouse University in Berlin participating in the Bauhaus Campus exhibition with his Tiny House “aVOID", which has designed and built in Italy in 2017 gathering together a team of 9 institutional partners and more than 40 technical sponsors. Following a 10.000 km tour across Europe, he is currently living inside his own Tiny House on wheels which became a laboratory to study new ways for contemporary living. For the social value of his works, he was awarded the “Premio Berlino 2017”, a prestigious prize given by the Italian Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Foreign Affairs to young and talented Italian architects.

“As an architect, my mission is to make cities more accessible and the countryside more attractive. I strongly believe that the future of mobility will give us space to reinvent our housing models in a more sustainable way”.