Markus Mauthe

Nature Photographer & Environmental Activist
Markus Mauthe is a trained photographer, author and lecturer. His love for travel and adventure led him to discover nature photography at an early age. The privilege of traveling and the experiences associated with it let him become a committed environmental activist. The focus of his work is to show global connections via his experienced stories, as well as photos and films from all over the world. Therein, he focuses on topics such as climate protection, sustainability and dignified interaction between people. Since 2003 he has been working as an ambassador for Greenpeace on topics such as forest and climate protection. On lecture tours throughout the German-speaking world, he inspires people's enthusiasm for nature. He is also founder of the nature conservation organization AMAP (Almada Mata Atlantica Project), which plants tropical forests on the Brazilian cocoa coast. Together with his family, Mauthe lives part-time at Lake Constance and part-time in Brazil.