Ömer Karaca

Member of the Board (Schmetterling International GmbH & Co. KG)
In 2005, Ömer Karaca started his professional career and thus his close relationship to the software solutions from Schmetterling International. After completing his training, he worked in a wide variety of positions within IT, continued his education in evening classes and was responsible for technical developments. At the same time, he was voted as the best young tourism manager in Germany by the trade journal fvw.

Today he is a member of the management board of the company which works with over 4,000 travel agencies across Europe. As a division manager, he is also responsible for the software sector of the company and with his creative ideas he is a key driver of digitization in the travel industry.

In addition to his role at Schmetterling International, Ömer Karaca is managing partner for the flight consolidator Schmetterling Air Conso and a member of the Executive Committee of the Quality Travel Alliance (QTA).