Sakia Haque

Travelettes of Bangladesh
Dr. Sakia Haque absolutely loves traveling and is the first woman in Bangladesh to travel throughout the country on a motorcycle.

Because of the conservative society in Bangladesh it was quite impossible for her to travel and pursue her passion. Traveling with men was not an option. So, together with her best friend she founded a platform named 'Travelettes of Bangladesh' to empower women through traveling. What started as a platform to inspire women to travel has now 44,000 female members. By now, 3000+ girls already traveled with the community.

Their activities are not limited to traveling. Beyond that, they educate girls about important topics like menstrual health and run workshops on self-defense. So far they already interacted with 23,000 school-going girls.

Travelettes of Bangladesh still has a long way to go and will only be satisfied when all women in the country are granted the freedom to travel.