Sarah Muehl

Sarah Muehl is co-founder of THE FEMALE EXPLORER, the first printed outdoor and travel magazine for women. After a successful crowdfunding campaign, she and her 3 female colleagues are currently in the process of implementation and foundation. The sale is scheduled to start in autumn 2020.

The number of groups and profiles with topics like Vanlife, Solo-Traveling and #girlswhohike is constantly growing. Women no longer wait for the right partner to go on an adventure trip. With the magazine strong stories and inspiring women now also get a platform in print format.
Under the motto BE YOUR WILDSELF, experience reports and useful information about Female Solo Travel and women in outdoor sports are bundled. The stories are really lived, personal and told with wit - directly by authors from the FEMALE EXPLORER community and always from the perspective of women! What is shared is what has been tried out or recommended.

In Leipzig Sarah lives with her dog Greta very close to the forest and regularly escapes from everyday life with hiking boots, tent and hammock into the next micro-adventure.