Uwe Frers

Uwe Frers (52) has 22 years of management experience in the online industry, of which 16 are in online tourism. He started his career as a management trainee to the general manager of the Handelsblatt publishing group, followed by managing Handelsblatt.com for two years and afterwards he became managing partner at the stock exchange portal Finanztreff.de for four years. After selling his shares of Finanztreff.de he started as an entrepreneur in the travel industry. In 2004 he founded Escapio, a portal for unique hotels and in 2006 he further founded TripsByTips, a crowdsourcing platform for touristic content. In 2015 he sold both companies and portals to the travel publishing group MAIRDUMONT and to the travel portal EXPEDIA. After a one-year sabbatical, since October 2017 he has been responsible as CEO of ADAC Camping GmbH for the development of digital camping activities at ADAC. The first product of ADAC Camping GmbH is the camping portal PiNCAMP.